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Horniks tree LF raccoons finished.JPG
Fiberglass and Steel 8ft 6in tall Pumpki

Sculpting for Every Occasion

metal • wood • ice • stone • fabric • paint  plastic  rubber • mortar • brick • plaster glass • wax • clay  costumes • body paint • fiberglass • animatronics

Sculpt Decor LLC was founded in 2014 and is based in The Hocking Hills of Ohio.  Founder and Artist Dustin Weatherby received his Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture from Eastern Michigan University.   While in college, he competed for the Eastern Michigan Ice Sculpting Team where he achieved third place at the National Ice Carving Championships in 2004. 


During the last ten years, he has worked as a Special Effects Artist and Fabricator designing and creating animatronics at The Scarefactory, Beastcraft and for his own company Sculptdecor LLC.  During that time Dustin also designed and sculpted over 90 Ice sculptures for weddings, as well as, promotional events.  His sculpting experience includes, but is not limited to, working with different types of metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass -- and is best known for his attention to detail and preference to work with recycled materials.   His work can also be seen on the History Channel’s “Surviving History” series featuring the Scarefactory.

According to Dustin, "The most inspiring thing about the creation process is not only the freedom to produce anything, but the challenge to make it appealing to others."  One of his favorite creative processes is taking a found object and elaborating on its features to create a conceptual work of art.


If there were a message behind every piece of his work, it would be that everything is some form of sculpture, whether it is created by nature (the best sculptor), man, or creature. 

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